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Whether it's for display purposes or for the artist, we've got a variety of Easels that will suit your needs!

This tool is necessary to hold canvases while painting. 

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AC Professional Studio Easel

>Steem Beach Wood >Max Height >Wheels (portable) >Angle and height extension

AC Easel 4 feet

Used in painting and as display stand.

HS Table Easel

Used in painting and as display stand.

HS Table Easel (For Display Purpose)

Length: 28cm Breadth: 16cm

HS Tool Box


HTC Wooden Easel 145cm- Brown

Colour: Brown Length: 145 cm The easel can hold the Canvas Board upto 17"

HTC Wooden Easel 165 cm - Black

Colour: Black Length: 165 cm

HTC Wooden Easel 5 Feet - Brown

Length: 152 cm or 5 Feet Width: 60 cm or 2 Feet

HTC Wooden Easel White

Length: 165 cm Width: 60 cm

AC Easel 5 feet

Used in painting and as display stand.

AC Easel 6 feet

Used in painting and as display stand.

AC New Multiple Easel

>Steem Beach Wood >180 Degree Flat Bed Model >Can be used Horizontal and vertical >Ideal for watercolour and larger acrylic paintings.

Mabef Alternative Basic Table Easel - M/14.AL

Item Code: M/14.AL Extremely stable despite its small size (40" high x 11-1/2" wide), this easel can be tilted and accommodate canvases up to 23-1/2".

Mabef 9 Folding stool - M/39

Item Code: M/39

Mabef Adjustable Stool - M/44

Item Code: M/44

Mabef Basic Lyre Easel - M/13

Item Code: M/13

Mabef Basic Studio Easel - M/10

Item Code: M/10

Mabef Basic Table Easel - M/14

Item Code: M/14

Mabef Big Lyre Easel - M/12

Item Code: M/12

Mabef Big Sketch Box Easel - M/22

Item Code: M/22

Mabef Big Studio Easel - M/06

Item Code: M/06

Mabef Convertible Lyre Easel - M/25

Item Code: M/25

Mabef Convertible Studio Easel - M/18

Item Code: M/18 The overall storage height for this easel is 70 inches, with a maximum canvas height of approximately 88.5 inches.

Mabef Display Table Easel - M/34

Item Code: M/34

Mabef Double-sided Studio Easel - M/19

Item Code: M/19

Mabef Inclinable Lyre Easel - M/11

Item Code: M/11

Mabef Medium Studio Easel - M/07

Item Code: M/07

Mabef Sculpure Table Trestle - M/37

Item Code: M/37

Mabef Super Table Easel - M/17

Item Code: M/17

Mabef Universal field easel - M/28

Item Code: M/28
~Rs4900 Rs3

AC Multiple Easel

180 degree Flat Bed Easel Made of original Steam beech wood Hand crafted

Aluminium Sketch Easel

Foldable, Light and Stable easel. 3 Feet folded and 6 Feet full height

HTC Mini Easel & Canvas

Used for display and drawing Easel: 15.5cm Canvas: 10x10cm

HTC Wooden Easel Brown

Height 142cm Width 51cm Rs.2700/- (+) Courier charges Rs.300/- Total Rs.3000/-

HTC Mini Canvas With Easel

Used for display and drawing Easel: 14.5cm Canvas: 9x7cm