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Graphite & Charcoal

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STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph 12 Pencil (Assorted Degrees)

Metal box. Article No: 100 G 12

STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph 20 Pencil (Assorted Degrees)

Metal box. Article No: 100 G 20

STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph 6 Pencil (Assorted Degrees)

Metal box. Article No: 100 G6

STAEDTLER Noris Pencil pack of 12 nos

Limited offer: Eraser & sharpener free inside the pack

STAEDTLER Tradition Drawing Pencils 12 assorted degrees

Cardboard box. Article No: 110 C12

STAEDTLER Tradition Drawing Pencils 6 assorted degrees

Tip: 2mm, Cardboard box Packing. Tip Specifications (degrees): 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B & B (6 in total). Usage: writing, drawing and sketching.

STAEDTLER Yellow Pencil 2B with Eraser Tip (Pack of 12)

HB pack of 12 nos. Article No: 134 HB

Derwent XL Charcoal Set of 6 Tin

XL Charcoal Blocks are very tactile, so you can use your finger to smudge and move the color around. The set of six blocks contains one each of Ochre, Sanguine, Mars Violet, Sepia, Black, and White.

General's “The Original” Charcoal Drawing Kit, 13 Pieces

Contains: 1 Charcoal White® Pencil (558), 5 Charcoal Pencils (557), 2 Charcoal Sticks (957), 1 Charcoal White® Stick (958), 1 Wide Charcoal Stick (960), 1 Carbon Sketch™ Pencil (595), 1 Kneaded Eraser (139E), 1 All-Art® Sharpener

General's Classic Drawing & Sketching Kit 13 piece set

Contains: 13 Pieces 1 Flat Sketching™ Pencil, 3 Charcoal Pencils (557-2B, 557-4B, 557-6B), 1 Charcoal White® Pencil, 1 Kimberly® Drawing Pencil (Soft) 1 Layout® Pencil (555), 3 Graphite Sticks (972-2B, 974-4B, 976-6B), 1 Sketch & Wash® (588), 1 Carbon Sketch™ (595), 1 Draughting™ (314) -

General's Flat Sketching Pencil

Thick rectangular lead like a carpenter pencil For making broad strokes Ideal for quick, loose sketching, shading, filling in large areas, Calligraphy Length: 7"; Lead cross section: 5/16" x 1/8" Grade: 2B / 4B / 6B Choose from dropdown menu

General's Peel & Sketch® Assorted - 3 Pencils + 1 Eraser (Blister Pack)

(Pencils: 5631T - Hard, 5632T - Medium & 5633T - Soft Plus 1 Eraser 138E )


Two large and water-soluble graphite pencils in a special edition box. 22cm long 4mm lead Black (soft blackB) and White pencils (2B )

Camlin Drawing Pencils Set of 6

The set includes :HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B and 8B. Length : 172 mm each. Finest Crystalline Graphite Lead. Best result can be seen on drawing paper, sketching papers, textured paper, smooth tinted paper or even on Canvas.

Kohinoor Artficial Extra Charcoals Set of 4

Various Gradations 4 Extra soft, Soft, Medium, Hard 12mm dia

Kohinoor Charcoal Lead 5.6MM (Pack of 6) B

Gioconda Artificial Charcoal Leads - 5.6mm - pack of 6 leads - B

Kohinoor Charcoal Lead 5.6MM (Pack of 6) H

Gioconda Artificial Charcoal Leads - 5.6mm - pack of 6 leads - H

Kohinoor Charcoal Lead 5.6MM (Pack of 6) HB

Gioconda Artificial Charcoal Leads - 5.6mm - pack of 6 leads - HB

Kohinoor Progresso Graphite Set of 4

Product Code: 8914 Woodless pencils: HB / 2B / 4B & 6B (Blister pack)

Kohinoor Progresso Set of 6 (Water-soluble)

Woodless Graphite Pencils - HB / 2B / 4B / 6B / 8B & 4B Aquarelle