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Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colour 37ml

Winsor & Newton Artist Oil colour has the trust of most professional artists around the world for one reason, UNMATCHED QUALITY. 

They use only the purest of pigments in the manufacture of its range ensuring the cleanest, brightest colors! This then produce the best color mixtures and outputs.

The best industry standards in quality control throughout all stages of production, plus the selection of the most suitable drying oils and pigment dispersion methods, ensure that each color's properties are preserved.

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WN Artist Oil Colour SR_Terra Rosa 37ml (635)

Terra Rosa is a warm, brownish red colour. It is an earth pigment, and is also known as Bole. It is an opaque and permanent pigment. Colour Number: 635, Colour Series: 1,Product Code: 1214635, Pigment(s): PR101.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Blue Black 37ml (034)

Blue Black is a semi-opaque dark blue which when mixed with whites creates blue-grey colours. Blue Black is a permanent alternative to the traditional fugitive Vine Black colour. Colour Number :34, Colour Series: 1, Product Code: 1214034, Pigment(s): PB29, PBk9.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Bright Red 37ml (042)

Bright Red is a vivid red colour. Transparent, it is based on pyrrole, a pigment known for creating the iconic Ferrari red. Colour Number: 42 ,Colour Series: 1, Pigment(s): PR254, Product Code : 1214042,

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Bright Yellow (Jaune Brilliant) 37ml (333)

Jaune Brillant is a soft, pinkish-yellow pigment. It is a variation of Naples Yellow and is an opaque and permanent oil colour. Colour Number: 333, Colour Series :1, Pigment(s): PY138,PY42,PR188,PW6, Product Code: 1214333.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Brown Madder 37ml (056)

Brown Madder is an intense brown colour. Its richness creates layered dark mixes which are useful for an autumn palette. It can be used as an alternative to Burnt Sienna.Colour Number 56, Colour Series 1, Pigment(s) PBr7, PR177, Product Code 1214056.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Brown Ochre 37ml (059)

Brown Ochre is one of the oldest pigments used by mankind and can be seen in various pre-historic cave art. Made from natural tinted clays found in the earth, Brown Ochre is a rich versatile brown. Colour Number: 59, Colour Series: 1, Pigment(s): PBr7, Product Code: 1214059.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Burnt Sienna 37ml (074)

Burnt Sienna is a rich brown pigment made by burning Raw Sienna. Named after Siena in Italy, where the pigment was sourced during the Renaissance, it is a transparent pigment with red-brown tones. Colour Number:74, Colour Series: 1, Product Code: 1214074, Pigment(s): PR101.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Burnt Umber 37ml (076)

A rich dark brown pigment, Burnt Umber is made from natural brown clays found in earth. It was named after Umbria, a region in Italy where it was mined. Burning the raw pigment intensifies its colour. Colour Number:76, Colour Series:1, Pigment(s: PBr7, Product Code: 1214076.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Charcoal Grey 37ml (142)

Charcoal Grey, as the name suggests, is made from ground charcoal. It is a dark grey oil colour.Colour Number 142, Colour Series 1, Pigment(s) PBk8, Product Code 1214142.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Chrome Green Deep Hue 37ml (147)

Chrome Green Deep Hue is a bold opaque oil colour. Its carefully combined pigments resemble genuine Chrome Green Deep without the latter's defects. It is a strong mid-range green colour. Colour Number: 147, Colour Series:1, Product Code: 1214147, Pigment(s): PB15,PG7, PY42.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Chrome Yellow Hue 37ml (149)

A pale yellow, Chrome Yellow Hue is a carefully combined selection of pigments closely resembling genuine Chrome Yellow without the latter's defects. Chrome Yellow Hue is lightfast and permanent. Colour Number: 149, Colour Series: 1, Pigment(s): PY74, PO62, Product Code :1214149.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Gold Ochre 37ml (285)

Gold Ochre is an earth pigment, and as such, has been used since prehistoric times. It is a warm brownish yellow colour. It has been made synthetically since the 1920s.Colour Number: 285, Colour Series:1, Product Code: 1214285, Pigment(s): PY42.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Iridescent White 37ml (330)

Iridescent White is a semi-opaque pearlescent white colour. The pearlescent effect is most effective when mixed with transparent colours and even more effective laid over a dark background. Colour Number: 330, Colour Series: 1, Product Code: 1214330,

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Ivory Black 37ml (331)

Ivory black is a stable all-round black colour with brown undertones and excellent tinting powers. Its name stems from the traditional method for obtaining it: roasting elephant tusks. Colour Number: 331, Colour Series: 1, Pigment(s): PBk9, Product Cod: 1214331.

WN Artist Oil Colour SR-2 Winsor Red 37ml (726)

Colour Number: 726, Colour Vehicle Oil Linseed Oil , Pigment(s): PR255, PR254), Colour Series: 2, Permanence Rating: A